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How Fez Pottery made ?

How Fez Pottery made ?

The craft of pottery: Pottery is considered the first craft in the history of mankind, as it mixes between the Berber heritage on the one hand and the Maghreb heritage on the other hand. There are several techniques used to decorate clay pieces in the forms of motifs and decorations. In Morocco, we find 3 main types of pottery crafts: urban pottery and attractive figures, most of which are made in Fez, Safi and Salé. Fez pottery:

In the city of Fez, there are great makers of pride, learning this craft from one generation to the next. There are more than 500 craftsmen specialized in the pottery industry in the city of Fez. It is filtered from limestone, and immediately after that it is transferred to basins and tanks to lie in water, then it is dried from this water for 24 hours. For the potter to start the process of kneading and rotating over a place called “the ball” through which cylindrical shapes are made that are placed on top of a spiral, Where the learner moves it with his legs so that the cylinder begins to rotate, which enables him to make the shape to be made, relying in this traditional process on water in the first place, and after completion, the pottery products are exposed to the sun’s rays in order to dry them until they take on their strength and hardness, then they are entered into the oven in order to be cooked in Very high temperatures up to 1200 degrees for large ovens.

In the end, it is presented to the “Zawaq”, who paints it using the dye and the brush, where he writes some words and symbols that focus on the Islamic and civilized identity of Morocco, so we find ceramic vessels of great beauty and precision in manufacture.


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