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How To Hang A Moroccan Lamp?

In this article, we have researched for you how to hang a chandelier, how to disassemble the chandelier, and what to consider when hanging a chandelier.

You need to know some tricks to replace the chandelier or install the chandeliers in the house where you have just moved. First of all, you need to learn how to disassemble the existing chandelier. Then he should have an idea about various assembly details according to the product’s features; You must complete the assembly process accordingly. The paths you follow in models that stick to the ceiling and products that extend in the form of pendants are different from each other. In addition, we will answer many of your questions, such as what cable means, how you should connect the cables, what you need to do if there is no hanger.

Chandeliers that complete the decoration of your homes are indispensable products. With stylish lighting products, you can enjoy spending time in brighter and more spacious environments. In the chandelier you choose for your home, you first look for elegance and harmony with your home. But then, you may be a little surprised when it comes time to connect the purchased chandelier. The connection of pretty eye-catching chandeliers may not be as easy as it seems. Learning to hang a chandelier will make your job easier and relieve your budget.

Chandelier Hanging Steps

  • Before starting work, first, make sure that the fuses are turned off because job security comes first. If you wish, you can also turn off the room switch where you will only install the chandelier. After this process, check that there is no electricity in the cables and then start work.
  • To easily connect the chandelier to the cables coming out of the ceiling, you should slightly open the wires. Using terminal blocks at this stage makes your job easier. If there is no terminal, you can take precautions with insulating tape. You will also need insulating tape to prevent leakage from the cables after the connection.
  • The most crucial point when connecting is to connect the cables correctly. One of the wires is neutral, and there is no current in it. On the other hand, there is an electric current, and this cable is called phase. If you don’t connect these wires correctly, the fuse will blow.
  • If you have a diagram of the chandelier installation, you should follow it. Otherwise, it is necessary to put dowels on the ceiling to weigh the chandelier. If you have marked the screw locations by measuring, drill a hole and insert the dowel. This is a must as the electrical cables will not carry the chandelier. A dowel with an average size of 7 mm will move your chandelier. Insert the thumbscrew into this peg and hang the chandelier there. If the place to hang the chandelier is ready, it’s time to complete the cable connections. You have to loosen the Kelmeinsin screws and insert the cables in the chandelier and ceiling. When connecting the chandelier, pay attention to the phase and neutral. After installing, tighten the screws of the terminal well.
  • You can start using your chandelier’s hanger if the connection is complete by attaching it to the hook. In some chandeliers, all lamps are on simultaneously, while in others, they may light up in sections. In this case, it is associated with cables. Again, with the connection you will make the same way, you can make all the lights turn on successfully.

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