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How Fez Pottery made ?

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How Fez Pottery made ? The craft of pottery: Pottery is considered the first craft in the history of mankind, as it mixes between the Berber heritage on the one hand and the Maghreb heritage on the other hand. There are several techniques used to decorate clay pieces in the forms of motifs and decorations. […]

How fill your pouf ?

This photo was taken inside the old medina of Essaouira (formerly Mogador), where a healthy variety

How fill your pouf ? The question we get asked the most often is: “How do I fill my Moroccan Pouf?” Well, today we are finally going to share all of our tips to make your pouf round, plump and beautiful, just like in our pictures. Before I share these 3 different methods to fill up your pouf, let […]

How To Hang A Moroccan Lamp?

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In this article, we have researched for you how to hang a chandelier, how to disassemble the chandelier, and what to consider when hanging a chandelier. You need to know some tricks to replace the chandelier or install the chandeliers in the house where you have just moved. First of all, you need to learn […]